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Жалко, если пропадёт
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

The plane crashed
The plane crashed and landed on an uninhabited island. The only survivor was sitting under a palm tree, eating a bone, when he saw rescuers, frozen in terror in front of him and a pile of human bones behind him.
- I know you hate me for what I did. But I had to fight for my life! I had to survive alone on a desert island!
The commander of the rescue:
- Of course, I understand, for the life of man is capable of anything...
But, fucking plane fell out only yesterday!!!


- planes do not "fall out" Vashper, they crash.
But, funny...

V:Hopefully, this knowledge is not useful to me..
these words are not synonyms? We have as it is not accepted that the words in a literary text was repeated. "crash" is already in the title, so normally selected some synonyms.

- quote:
Originally posted by vashper:
Hopefully, this knowledge is not useful to me...
Damm funny!! I am going to use that line tomorrow in staff meeting.

- Close enough, Vashper. In writing, it is referred to as style. We each have our own unique style, especially you.
- True that one Brice! Big Grin I was just up in your neck of the woods fly fishing the Skagit and North Puget Sound for Pinks and Dolly Varden and the Kalama for Steelhead. Big Grin
- "Fall-out" is more related to a Saturday night in Texas, when you're done drinking in the local honky-tonk, and attempt to leave the premises.
"Crash" is the term used to explain what happened to you on the way home, whether you arrive home in one piece, or not.
"Crash" also refers to what you do if you are lucky enough to make it home in one piece. You will attempt to "crash" on the bed. If you attempt this in the dark, there is a 50-50 chance you will miss the bed.
In the off-chance you drove a car to the honky-tonk, but arrived home by plane, you've probably "crashed" somewhere along the way.
If you hear the words "fall-out" in a really stern voice, you probably joined the military at some point during the night, and somehow missed the command "fall-in", which would have occurred at some point earlier.
Based on my experience, best just to try to sleep it off, and hope you wake-up with someone you know.

- Geez guys, it should not be that difficult to interpret " plane fell out only yesterday!!!" to mean " plane fell out of the sky only yesterday!!! Keep them coming Vashper! Smiler